Makanda's legacy could never have been preserved in this way without the generosity of Makanda's sister, Eileen McIntyre, who died just 19 days before he did, and without the cooperation of Makanda's two sons, Kheil and Kenneth McIntyre, Jr.

Cobi Narita, who has been a jazz empresario and supporter for decades, is a legend among jazz musicians in New York City. She works tirelessly to help particularly young musicians, and she was tremendously helpful when it came to producing Makanda's legacy concerts, as well as serving on the CAAMO Board.

Marty Khan is a visionary jazz consultant who spent tireless hours helping us formulate a vision for what the Makanda Project and the legacy could be. He also guided us through the production of In the Wind, and several of the legacy concerts, and is also on the CAAMO Board.

Steve Rowland, Peabody-award winning radio documentarian and jazz historian, engineered In the Wind, and provided endless technical support for the archiving project, and also serves on the CAAMO Board.

Andy Bemkey did a phenomenal job putting together this website and meticulously, lovingly transferring the analog tapes to digital. Andy is a wonderful pianist and bass clarinetist who you can hear often playing with Billy Bang or Roy Campbell.

Lloyd Pinchback was instrumental in helping us get Makanda's materials to the Library of Congress, where they are housed for future generations.

John Kordalewski, who arranges Makanda's unsung tunes and the members of the Makanda Project, keeping his music alive in the Boston area and beyond.

Craig Harris keeps Makanda's musical spirit alive in New York City.

Michael Herbst started the archiving project with me, and set up the systems for organizing the music manuscripts.

Two young musicians assisted us with the archiving, Malik Washington and Brett Ryan. I expect to hear a lot from them.

Ben Young, Program Director of WKCR-FM, also gave us technical support and lent us some of his own equipment.

The folks at Village Copier were professional and patient with our endless requests.

Derek Styles has worked endlessly on putting together a book about bio-discography of Makanda that will soon be published by Cadence Music, called Peace thru Jazz. We'll have more information when it comes out!

Bret Primack and Marisa Wermuth worked on earlier incarnations of the website.

Calvin Hicks and Lloyd King, who grew up with Makanda in Boston, have supported our Boston Concerts.

Thanks also to Makanda's many students and colleagues who play his music in public and help us get the word out. As Makanda would say, Peace thru Jazz!!

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Joy Rosenthal, CAAMO
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